From The Forest, LLC


From The Forest  has been manufacturing hardwood flooring since 2007, and in 2017 - 2019  the company expanded their product offerings with an innovative peel and stick (VacuuBond) wood wall paneling & flooring product lines. With decades of wood flooring manufacturing experience,  customers are confident in the products by knowing they are designed for long term stability and style.



Located in Central Wisconsin, From The Forest is proud to be an American Engineered Hardwood manufacturing company that sources all its material from North America. Dedicated to providing jobs for more Americans, in 2007 From The Forest built their first plant in Weston, Wisconsin. Overcoming much adversity From The Forest has thrived, solidifying the company's decision to keep the business in North America.

Founded by industry veterans Tryggvi Magnusson (President) and Susan Lang. The team understands the responsibility of producing high performing, beautiful flooring and wall products at a competitive price. With over 40 years of combined wood flooring manufacturing experience customers benefit from this by knowing the products are designed for stability and long-term wear. 



Preserving our natural resources and environment are important at From the Forest. The raw materials used for the flooring products are sourced only from managed forests in the United States. and our wear resistant, ceramic top coats, and stains are water-based and UV cured to protect air quality and our adhesives meet the highest standards for air emissions. Our lumber is purchased from suppliers that have active reforestation programs, and share our environmental responsibility.  Only a portion of mature trees are cut, leaving other mature trees for seeding purposes, and smaller trees for future logging.
We are committed to sustainable forest management and we encourage the use of wood as an environmentally acceptable and renewable material.  We have not and will not purchase lumber from any supplier involved in improper practices.
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