Initally, Wallplanks was using an industrial grade tape that was applied to the back of the planks so that they would have an innovative, self adhearing application method. Allthough the tape worked well & had a strong bond, innovations were at it's finest when vacuubond pre-applied glue was brought to fruition. Here are a few advantiges this brought to our company and it's customers:

1.) A single wax release paper was a selling point compared to the 3 small individual release papers that took extra time to remove and created more waste

2.) The application method and product was much cheaper allowing for better discounts and margin on the product! 

3.) The application of the method was much

4.) Adds value to our mission and core values! 



We're proud to be a U.S. company based in Weston, Wisconsin. Wallplanks was founded in 2017 by industry expert Tryggvi Magnusson. Tryggvi sought to develop durable, beautiful, and high-performing wall products that are easy to use and transform any interior.

Our products are manufactured by our parent company, From the Forest, LLC, (founded in 2007) an industry flagship in manufacturing premium hardwood flooring in the United States.

All of our materials are sourced from North America.



We believe that you should live in spaces that you love. That's why we created a product that anyone can use and install, whether you are seasoned at doing-it-yourself or just starting out.

Your satisfaction is our goal. Our products are tested for longevity and durability. We hand check each plank before shipping to you in order to ensure you receive the highest quality possible.



Preserving our natural resources and the environment is important to us. The raw materials used for our wall products are sourced only from managed forests in the United States.

We use top coats and stains that are water-based and UV cured to protect air quality. Our adhesives meet the highest standards for air emissions and we are TSCA Title VI compliant. There is no added formaldehyde to any of our products.


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